GNURadio -- Hello my old friend.


From time to time, I try to play with GNURadio. It has a lot going for it and I like the ideas, concepts and other things that it brings to the table.

After 10 years of flirting and messing around I can say this: It hasn’t gotten much easier to support and install on OSX.

I’ve had to fight with (in no particular order this evening):

  • pyenv
  • SIP
  • PyQT5 (which if you have any idea - you know this hurts or ends in tears)

In most cases - the package manager did the wrong thing and I had to rebuild from source. I suppose I should expand this blog entry to record what I did so I can do it again.

I’ve had to fight with tarballs, zip files, (who still uses that), git, mercurial and at least one other SCM.

Amateur radio seems like a poor bedfellow for modern computer science. Just sayin'.