Mobile Phones over the Years

Faced with the prospect of purchasing a mobile phone for my mum, I know what I want to get her. Problem is that it is 20+ years old. Is there a modern replacement for the ultra reliable, ultra-long battery life, low complexity phones of the late 90s and early 00s? I’m thinking there is (perhaps the Nokia 105/106 or a simple phone I saw from RCA more later).

I thought it might be fun to run through all the phones I’ve owned. Can I even remember them all?

Early NAMPS phones

The early days of mobile phone service - especially in North America - was extremely primative compared to today. There was no data, no text messages, minutes were expensive and not everyone had voicemail (remember that - Octel). The exteremely early mobile phones (cell phones in North America) were bulky and had short lived (8hrs/35mins talk) batteries. I remember selling the DynaTAC 8000 for $2495.


  1. Motorola Advisor Alpha Numeric (with custom email compression gateway)
  2. Motorola Advisor Gold

Mobile phones:

  1. Motorola MicroTAC Ultra Lite
  2. Motorola MicroTAC Elite VIP
  3. Motorola StarTAC (v1)
  4. Motorola StarTAC (v2)
  5. Ericsson 388 (1996?)
  6. Nokia 6190 (1998)
  7. Unknown Ericsson Flip? (SE?)
  8. Ericsson T-18z (launched 1999)
  9. Ericsson T-28w
  10. Motorola Timeport L7089
  11. Nokia 8390
  12. Sony Ericsson T68i (2002Q1)
  13. Sony Ericsson Z600 (2003Q3)
  14. Nokia 8890
  15. Nokia 6690
  16. Motorola Razr v3
  17. Blackberry 7290
  18. Blackberry 7100
  19. Pearl 8100
  20. Bold 9000
  21. iPhone 3G
  22. iPhone 3GS
  23. iPhone 4
  24. iPhone 5s
  25. iPhone 6s +
  26. iPhone 7
  27. iPhone Xs
  28. iPhone 11 Pro

Ericsson 388 (1996?)

Nokia 6190 (1998)

This was a game changer - GSM where available and NAMPS elsewhere. This gave this phone a long useful life.

Ericsson T-18z (launched 1999)

Ericsson T-28w

Released 1999 - I resisted for a while but this was a much nicer phone than the T18z

Motorola Timeport L7089

c.2000 – had IrDA. Defo had this one when I was in Galveston / Houston in 2000?

Nokia 8390 <- fashinable simple c.2001

Sony Ericsson T68i ??

Nokia 8890 <- loved this one 2002?

Smart Phones

Nokia 6700

S90 / Symbian

Motorola Razr v3 (c.2004)

Looked good - crap phone

Blackberry - El Coporate Phones



Pearl 8100

Curve ?

Bold 9000


iPhone 3G

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 4

iPhone 5s

iPhone 6s +

iPhone 7

iPhone Xs

iPhone 11 Pro